Support for All Who Serve

The Military Crisis Line is a free, confidential resource for all service members, including members of the National Guard and Reserve, and Veterans, even if they’re not enrolled in VA benefits or health care.

The Military Crisis Line is Here for You

Free & Confidential

There's no charge and you decide how much information to share.

Always Available

Accessible 24/7/365.

Trained Counselors

Many are Veterans who understand the challenges service members and their loved ones face.

Calling from Overseas?

The country code to reach the United States will be required for each of these numbers, depending on your location.

*Each of these numbers is assigned to a different U.S. Department of Defense Area of Responsibility. If you have trouble reaching the Veterans Crisis Line with the assigned number for the region you are calling from, try one of the other numbers.


Call +1 844-702-5495 (off base) or DSN 988 (on base)

Southwest Asia:

Call +1 855-422-7719 (off base) or DSN 988 (on base)


Call +1 844-702-5493 (off base) or DSN 988 (on base)

If you’re calling outside the United States, Canada, or Mexico, and are off base, you’re responsible for long-distance international charges from your carrier, even if you’re dialing a toll-free number.

If you can’t reach the Veterans Crisis Line through phone dialing, you can use our chat service, which is available online in all locations with an internet connection at
U.S. short codes, such as 838255, only work if you’re on a U.S.-based service provider with an international service plan that allows texting to U.S. short codes from outside the United States.

If you’re unsure about your plan or have questions, contact your service provider’s customer service for information on your plan and any additional charges. Note that even if your plan includes international texting, there may be limits on the number of texts you can send or receive. Check with your provider for details.

Signs of Crisis

Some behaviors can be a sign that a Veteran needs help. Learn to spot the warning signs of an emotional or mental health crisis.

Local Resources

No matter what you're experiencing, we have resources and support systems to help get your life back on track.

Privacy and Security

The Veterans Crisis Line is a confidential, secure resource. You choose whether to share personal information.